A Guided Cultural Experience  

Hōkūpa‘a is committed to protecting the unique natural environment and host culture of Hawai'i through the promotion of responsible travel.


  1. Hawaii is a place of culture
    Hawaii is a place of culture
  2. Hawaii is a place of history
    Hawaii is a place of history
  3. Hawaii is Aloha
    Hawaii is Aloha

Event Planning Unique with Culture

Cultural Training      for Businesses

Cultural Walking Tours in Waikiki

Celebrating Culture in Education

Hokupaa conducts workshops for managers and staff, customizing each session to meet your company needs for both selected groups and company-wide training.
Hokupaa has fun, gifted storytellers who will share the history and the legends of Waikiki with you through chants, songs and stories.
Hokupaa teaches high school and college students about Hawaiian Values and Leadership. Our Hawaiian cultural-based curriculum, inspires Hawaiian Values as a lifestyle. 
Hokupaa adds a cultural touch to events, creating a memorable experience for your guests by adding traditional Hawaiian protocol and especially, the essence of Aloha.